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October 2017

This month's developments include:

  • We release a new report, Higher Education’s Anchor Mission: Measuring Place-Based Engagement by Senior Associate Emily Sladek
  • We discuss Democracy Collaborative President & Co-Founder Ted Howard's recent trip to England and developments around community wealth building in the UK
  • The Next System Project also published a new report from Laura Flanders on the importance of alternative ownership of media

September 2017

This month's developments include:

  • The Next System Project re-launches its website and a new podcast
  • We release the Anchor Mission Playbookprepared by Rush University Medical Center (RUMC), which details the process that RUMC developed to better align their institutional resources—namely hiring, purchasing, investment, and volunteer base—with community health and well-being.
  • Ted Howard and Gar Alperovitz author a new article, After the Storms: Defeating Trumpism, Rebuilding America


August 2017

This month's developments include:

  • We provide an update on our work with three different peer learning cohorts of anchor institutions: the Healthcare Anchor Network, the Anchor Dashboard Learning Cohort, and the CFLeads Family Economic Security Action Alliance.
  • The Next System Project recently co-published a report with the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) on solutions to address inequality
  • Executive Vice President Marjorie Kelly authored an op-ed about supporting employee ownership as an alternative to corporate tax incentives as a way to build local wealth

July 2017

This month's developments include:

  • We discuss city-level innovations in Richmond, Virginia and Newark, New Jersey
  • A recent article in Forbes highlights Fifty by Fifty’s report Impact Investing and Employee Ownership
  • We release the latest installment on our latest blog, a post from Democracy Collaborative Fellow and social enterprise expert Jenny Kassan
  • We release a new city in our CW City series: New Haven, CT

June 2017

This month's developments include:

  • We publish a new book from Democracy Collaborative Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Next System Project Gar Alperovitz
  • We release new report on Opportunities for Impact Investors to Scale Employee Ownership
  • The Democracy Collaborative launched the Healthcare Anchor Network, a group of more than 30 health systems working to improve community well-being by building inclusive and sustainable local economies

May 2017

This month's developments include:

  • We welcome Valerie Piper as the new Vice President of Engaged Practice at The Democracy Collaborative.
  • Executive Vice President & Senior Fellow Marjorie Kelly and Chief Financial Officer & Director, Employee Ownership Programs Jessica Bonanno were honored by the Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations with fellowships to further their research on employee ownership. 
  • In an article in The Nation, Democracy Collaborative Co-Founder Gar Alperovitz, Next System Project Executive Director Joe Guinan, and Research Director Thomas Hanna put forward the idea of “quantitative easing for the planet,” in which the government would buy out fossil-fuel companies in order to keep unburnable carbon in the ground. 
  • The Next System Project announced six winning original essays from the 2016 “What’s Next?” essay contest. 

April 2017

This month's developments include:

  • We redesigned our Rolling Back Inclusion tracker
  • Democracy Collaborative President and Co-Founder Ted Howard and Democracy Collaborative co-founder and co-chair of the Next System Project Gar Alperovitz contribute an op-ed to the Chronicle of Philanthropy  about how funders can invest in he new “laboratories of democracy” to support innovative and scalable, local and regional wealth building models.
  • YES! Magazine published an article that discusses efforts by two of the health systems featured in our Hospitals Aligned for Healthy Communities toolkit series
  • We release a new policy brief from the Next System Project, authored by Democracy Collaborative fellow Ellen Brown, founder and president emeritus of the Public Banking Institute, that explores alternative ways to fund and finance the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure. 

March 2017

This month's developments include:

February 2017

This month's developments include:

  • We launch our Rolling Back Inclusion tracker, which will monitor the state of critical community development programs and how they are affected by the new administration
  • We release two new publications that suggest ways to begin these conversations in your community: Jacksonville’s Community Wealth Building Roundtable, by Michelle Barth, details how a city-led convening unfolded in Jacksonville, Florida; and Sparking the conversation in your community, by Justine Porter, provides insights from a “Do-It-Yourself” convening process in Poughkeepsie, New York.

December 2016 & January 2017

This month's highlights include:

  • We release the third toolkit in the Hospitals Aligned for Healthy Communities toolkit series on Place-Based Investing
  • We publish the forty-first in our Community Wealth Cities series on Dallas, TX.
  • We share learnings from our December event Advancing the Anchor Mission of Healthcare
  • Democracy Collaborative Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Next System Project Gar Alperovitz contributed articles to TruthoutThe Nationand Medium 
  • Evergreen Cooperatives is featured in Smithsonian Magazine and in the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt museum’s exhibit By The People: Designing a Better America